In the first place, it is important to know the correct connotation of piercing, which as such refers to “perforation” and is an anglicism adapted to Spanish that traces its history back to ancient tribes, where these holes were made with the aim of generating belonging and originality depending on its place of origin.

However, not all piercings or perforations have the same meaning, because for some time now that of the distinction of tribes or communities has been left aside, which has made them become part of the fashion that has imposed the city, especially adolescents who day by day strive to find new alternatives and new lifestyles.

Currently, having a piercing or a tattoo is part of fashion, and generally those who do it seek acceptance among others, however many others welcome this type of practice for their own meaning, personality or simply populism, as they seek to stand out and gain admiration and respect for them from others who believe they are inferior.

There are many ways to wear a piercing, girls generally look for “sexy” places to perform the piercing, such as the navel and the tongue, although many others for fashion and style do it on the nose, lips, cheeks, in the ears and others a little more daring they reach the point of putting it in the genital area.

Having a piercing doesn’t mean anything, it doesn’t make you a better or worse person, but it does have good consequences if it’s not done correctly, because like everything else it requires special care and specialized people for the job, since if the small procedure isn’t done well the area could become infected, bacteria could lodge in the place, there is a risk of allergic reactions, alterations in healing and even serious illnesses due to the contact of the body with non-sterile materials.

So think about it very well, if you want a piercing, do not do it because your friend already did it or because everyone has it, do it because you are sure that it will have meaning on your body and that you will do it responsibly and conscientiously.


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