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Guide to Women’s Watches in the market

Guide to Women’s Watches in the market
Guide to Women’s Watches in the market

Your watch is more than just a timer: it’s an expression of your personal style. Our comprehensive guide to women’s watches will help you find the right watch for your lifestyle.

As a staple of the modern woman’s wardrobe, a watch is a style statement designed to keep you on your toes. We’ve rounded up some of the hottest trends, top brands, and hottest styles to help you narrow down your search for the perfect watch. Read the detailed fashion guide for women’s watches.

Women’s watch styles.

Just as many fashion trends appear on the catwalks, there are many stylish women’s watches that become popular. If you’re not sure which women’s watch to buy, consider your lifestyle and wardrobe. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of a luxury watch or prefer to wear the season’s trendiest looks, the most important key to accessorizing your watch is wearing it with confidence. Check out the list below for the most popular women’s watch styles.

…the most important key to watch accessories is to wear them with confidence

Popular styles of women’s watches

Smart watch

Smartwatch technology is constantly expanding and producing new and innovative watches that appeal to both men and women. Many smartwatches eschew the clunky styling of previous generations and take on a more sophisticated look. Smartwatches, from sporty to traditional, hit the market with elegant finishes that complement almost any style.

rose gold watch

Rose gold is one of the latest trends in jewelry and watches. This reddish metal has resurfaced in styles to suit any occasion. Watches with rose gold bracelets, cases and dials add a more feminine touch to classic gold. As a smart investment in style, rose gold watches retain a timeless elegance that never goes out of style.

skeleton watch

Bold and eye-catching, skeleton watches aren’t just for men who love watches. Luxury watchmakers are following the trend by creating women’s versions of these classic watches. The Skeleton watch features an open dial displaying the internal gears and mechanics of the watch. This unique watch is perfect for women who appreciate what’s inside.

boyfriend watch

Big, chunky and oversized boyfriend watches take the stage and give women’s wrists an edgier look. Large dial watches have their roots in menswear and combine confidence and class. An ingenious wristwatch full of positivity, designed to stand out from the crowd.

flower clock

Garden-inspired fashion is all the rage right now, and your accessories are no exception. Whether you’re heading to the night scene or to work, a floral print watch is just what you need to spice up an outfit. Floral print straps and flower print dials give this feminine watch a flirty look.

changeable clock

Nothing says value like versatility, and interchangeable watch accessories are a great way to constantly change up your look without breaking the bank. Watches with detachable straps allow you to change your style for every occasion. If you are going to invest in a beautiful watch, choose an option that allows you to personalize it.

printed watch

Complete your look with a bold watch that is sure to turn heads. From leopard print straps to chevron dials, patterned watches grace the wrists of trend-savvy fashionistas. This functional fashion accessory not only saves time but also adds an extra dose of style to your look.

wrap the clock

Double your elegance with a watch with rounded corners. A step above the classic watch strap, the wraparound watch features extra-long straps that fold around the wrist for a layered look. Available in a variety of materials, like sparkling stones and casual leather, wrap watches are an easy way to achieve style and function.

leather watch straps

The epitome of classic style, leather watch straps are the perfect choice for those who dress casually. Available in a variety of colors, these comfortable straps offer an understated look that complements a variety of wardrobes.

sports watch straps

Sports straps are designed to withstand the toughest workouts. Sporty silicone, rubber and nylon straps support both your watch and your sense of style.



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