The year 2021 is drawing to a close … and we’ll tell you what the fashion trends of 2022 will be when it comes to fashion. What kind of clothes will men wear in the first months of the year? We tell you:

1. Canadian tuxedo

Or the famous denim on denim. The trend to wear exclusively denim clothes will last until 2021, sir! Of course, this fabric is – and always will be – the most beloved and popular in men’s wardrobes around the world, since it goes with almost everything, and is also the most durable. This is why wearing denim from top to bottom or even vice versa, we will be using this fabric next year. Hardworking inspiration for everything he gives!

2. Leather biker jacket

Leather jackets for men, which used to be the most expensive and with few variations, now have many more offerings and designs. And that is that the years and trends of men’s fashion will pass, but the catwalks will still give up to this classic piece of men’s wardrobe.and What! Well, this is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing out there. In 2021, we will see the world’s leading motorcyclist, what has been called the “quintessential leather jacket” in our cultural memory since its introduction in 1928, and which gained some popularity among the young people of the 50s, who adapted it to their daily life. Take a look. and that it has survived to this day. Fictional and real-life characters such as Danny Zuko (John Travolta) or actors James Dean and Jeff Goldblum were the defenders and spokesmen for this jacket model. A design that could evolve and adapt to any trend. Brands like H&M and Zara or luxury brands like Balmain and Saint Laurent include them in their fashion repertoire.

When it comes to men’s fashion trends of 2022, this garment that covers us every fall and winter cannot be overlooked, no matter what year it is. While ecru is the most common color, several brands have opted for more eccentric shades. Whichever you choose, the knitted sweater is a great fashion ally, whatever the occasion, as you can use it in formal situations (like having dinner with relatives) as well as other more casual occasions (like meeting friends). One way or another, this detail does not lose its versatility.

4. Brown suit

The tobacco-colored suit is completely avant-garde and we will be using it in the first months of 2021. Pick one and you have a look with many European styles (because this color never went out of style in the Old Continent) and you will also create a fresh look, since not everyone has a brown suit these days. Don’t be afraid to ditch the classic black and navy colors and bet on one of the hottest trends of 2021!

5. Insulated jackets.

Because January, February and even March are still colder months … No one can deny that this type of jacket takes us back to our school years, those in which we were children wrapped in pompadour. We all had this down jacket to go to school. But times have changed and we have grown. How to wear this basic outfit in winter? Wear it with streetwear and you have a very alternative look. These jackets are no longer exclusive to the slopes, they are exclusive to the city too!

6. Cargo pants. In 2021, you are going to be wearing cargo pants. Or at least they should. Yes, we know they have a bad reputation. However, these trousers today are very far from the concept that we had for this garment. We believe that modern designs will not make you look like a walking chair or make you feel like you are in the trenches. Cargo pants are clothing that is gradually entering men’s wardrobe in a game in which men in uniform break dressing rules and position these clothes as favorite casual wear (which is why sometimes they tend to behave inappropriately and evoke fashion. errors).


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