In Fashion Week, which actually lasted almost two weeks, came to an end this past weekend. You might care. You might. Or maybe you’ve seen Kylie Jenner wearing a Styrofoam lion’s head to a fashion show in Paris and then promptly deleted her Instagram. I was going to start by explaining what she was writing about the parade. Because honestly, I had the same question before writing about the show.

But instead I’ll talk about what they look like. It’s a ready-to-wear fashion show. But the most interesting thing, at least to the outside world, is who is there. Fashion week may be about clothes and the runway may be the red carpet, but the front row is where fashion meets popular culture.

The cast of the second season of The White Lotus and Emily’s Bingo Game in Paris was a special event in Milan and Paris. From the beginning Adam DiMarco (Albi) was present at his “first show!!!” in Prada. Simone Tabasco (Lucia) and Sabrina Impactatore (Valentina) were at JW Anderson, Will Sharp (Ethan) and Theo James (Cameron) were at Emporio Armani and Giorgio Armani respectively, the Parisian ‘Camille Raza’ (Camille), Lucien Laviscount (Alfie ) in a Louis Vuitton skirt, and Paul Foreman (Nicholas) cheering on the most popular chef, Lucas Bravo, who modeled in the show.

Everything seemed fine until Sharp turned up again at Loewe and a fellow editor saw Leo Woodall (Jack) on the Eurostar. “White Lotus” is the better show of the two. And of course, when it comes to tailoring, he wins too. I can only hope that Jennifer Coolidge does well on the women’s show next month…

It’s worth keeping in mind that journalists rarely sit next to celebrities on shows. Normally we can see them, but we cannot touch them. Prada usually just plugs the spotlight into the back of the seat, so you’ll be dazzled before you can take a look.

By the way, the director I saw the most was Luca Guadagnino, who sneaked into almost every show in Milan before he knew it, and even went to see Loewe in Paris. His interest in fashion will be nothing new to those who have seen his movies. Just look at the mid-’80s mini-shorts in “Call Me By Your Name” or Susie’s dress in “Suspiria,” inspired by a painting by Louise Bourgeois. Clearly interested in leading trends, when I spoke to him after the Prada show, he told me that his favorite outfit was not an oversized coat, but a suede men’s dress. I later saw him at a dinner with the Loewe designer. , Jonathan Anderson.

Stars are brand ambassadors, so celebrity appearances are sometimes negotiable. The spread of K-pop artists like Givenchy’s Taeyang, Dior’s Jimin, Valentino’s BTS Suga is bound to make me feel old or show the economic appeal of the East Asian market. . For me, getting to my seat becomes more and more stressful. (The crowd outside Dior was absolutely nuts.)

Compared to the women’s show, the front row of the men’s show was usually reasonably skinny, absent from fashion giants Anna Wintour and Edward Enninful. Rick Owens and Dior were the only shows attended by the Beckhams. All of this makes meeting celebrities even more exciting. My only real problem is the lack of spoiler warnings when wearing clothes that celebrities are about to see on the runway. See: Kylie Jenner and the lion in her closet.

It’s also a halo effect when it comes to labels. The likes follow when you put your right face in the front row. But for the rest of us, finding this stuff interesting is just a sign that it’s absolutely right. Thank you for reading!


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