Malaysia is one of the best countries to buy a lottery ticket, with no state tax on prizes and a 2x multiplier on jackpot prizes.

The 4D lottery in Malaysia has been available since decades ago and is played by over 20 million people every year.

The jackpot prize for this game can reach up to $350 million in some years. Keep reading if you want advice about how to win in 4D results Malaysia.

How to win the lottery

  • Buy a ticket. The 4D draw is held every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, so you have plenty of time to start planning your winning strategy.
  • Pick your numbers. You can check the official website for details on how long you have until tickets expire (usually five days), but if it’s after midnight on Friday night or Saturday morning, chances are that no one will be able to check their numbers yet – so get in there.
  • Check your numbers! Once they’re posted online, go over each one carefully and make sure they match what was drawn by lottery officials from all over North America and Europe (and beyond).
  • If anything looks suspiciously off-kilter with what has been announced so far as winners’ ages or addresses, well, it probably isn’t really yours after all; just know that there are plenty more out there who might be eligible for some sweet prizes themselves before too long.

Is it worth playing the lottery?

The answer is, of course, “It all depends.” Lottery games are a form of gambling – and that means there are some things you need to know before you decide whether or not to buy a ticket. For instance:

  • The odds of winning are extremely low (1 in 292 million).
  • You can’t winnings back if you lose money on the game.
  • While many say they play because they enjoy the excitement and community spirit it engenders, others have reported spending large amounts of money on tickets and ending up with nothing but frustration and stress when their numbers don’t come up as expected.

4D Malaysia

4D is the largest jackpot in Malaysia. It is a lottery game with a fixed jackpot prize and is available to play in Malaysia.

The tickets can be purchased from any licensed retailer or agent of that particular state lottery company where you live, such as 7-Eleven or Winway.

4D games are also played at convenience stores and supermarkets throughout the country; however, there are no official outlets for playing Powerball here yet (at least not yet).

No state tax on lottery prizes in Malaysia

If you win the 4D jackpot, your prize money will be taxed. However, it’s not just any tax. In Malaysia, three different types of taxes apply:

  • The state government collects a 5% tax on all lottery prizes (state government of Selangor)
  • The state government of Kedah collects a 5% tax on all lottery prizes (state government of Kedah)
  • The federal government collects no taxes for winning the Powerball jackpot

It’s a 2x multiplier on the jackpot prize

The 4D in Malaysia is a 2x multiplier on the jackpot prize. You can win up to 2 times the jackpot.

So if you match all your numbers, you’ll get 10 million ringgit (RM1 million) for each number that matches.

This means that if there were 5 numbers drawn in an individual draw, you’d win an additional 5 times that amount.

If there were 20 or more balls drawn in one draw, then it would be even better than this – because each time something happens, someone wins big money by matching all of their numbers or getting lucky enough to get one or two unlucky ones wrong…

Try playing 4D today

If you’re looking to play the 4D lottery in Malaysia, there are several steps you can take.

First, try playing 4D with a jackpot of at least $100 million. You might be able to win this amount if your ticket matches all six numbers drawn on Friday night.

If not, don’t worry – there will be another draw tomorrow (Saturday) and another one over the following week.

Second, consider playing online through one of many companies that offer online options for purchasing tickets online, like GD Lotto and Perdana 4D.

Thirdly get together with friends or family members so they can join in on this fun activity together.

They’ll enjoy supporting each other while also cheering each other on when their numbers come up during draws later this month or early next month.


The best way to get started is by visiting your nearest Lottery Agent and filling out an application form with them.

They will then be able to provide you with the best information regarding how to play 4D in Malaysia, as well as answer any questions that may arise during your journey toward claiming some of those jackpots.


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