Endy is a Canadian retailer specializing in affordable sleeping products sold exclusively in Canada. Andy’s mission is to change the way Canadians sleep. This is their flagship 10-inch foam mattress designed for a variety of people. This award-winning mattress (Best Mattress Canada 2019) is one of Canada’s best-selling bed-in-box mattresses. Andy products are developed in Quebec. A factory that uses safe, sustainable and ethically sourced materials. As a socially responsible retailer, brands donate mattresses to many charities. Andy’s affordability is an ethical and cost-effective purchase and is one of Canada’s most popular mattresses.

Who is the Andy Mattress for?

• Light to medium sleepers weighing 130-200 lbs.

• Side sleeper (less than 200 lbs) for gentle relief from pressure and sagging, and good spinal alignment.

• Price-sensitive consumers: Mattresses are a popular and affordable option for Canadian shoppers.

• Best for couples-Andy completely separates movements and is completely quiet.

• Sleepers that require a mattress that is adaptable and responsive.

• Sleeper looking for a breathable mattress-perfect for those who like to sleep at night.

• Eco-friendly consumers seeking a restful night’s sleep: Zippered outer lining is antibacterial, reduces allergens, foams and adhesives contain low levels of heavy metals, chemicals and low VOC emissions It has been.

• A patriotic Canadian who wants a truly certified Canadian dream.

Who doesn’t love Andy mattresses?

• People sleeping on their stomachs need stronger support and less slack, especially if they weigh more than 200 pounds.

• Those who want to sleep on a memory foam mattress.

• A hot or sweaty sleeper.

Endy’s company policy

Andy is a Canadian electronic mattress retailer that sells over 150,000 mattresses. The company sells Endy mattresses, a unique model that fits everyone and consists of three layers of specially formulated foam. By designing, developing and manufacturing products using locally sustainable materials in Canada, brands can reduce costs. This customer-centric approach allows you to create high quality mattresses at a fraction of the cost of other major retailers.

Andy also sells spring blocks and other sleeping products. Andy offers free shipping in Canada. The sleep rating lasts 100 days, and customers who return an Endy mattress during the rating will receive a full refund and the returned mattress will be donated to a local charity / partner.

Delivery: Endy Mattresses offers free coastal shipping throughout Canada, except in certain suburbs of Canada where additional shipping charges may apply. When Andy’s order is placed, the customer receives an email confirming that it was sent to a warehouse in Ontario for processing. Mattresses are usually shipped within 2-3 days and the customer will receive a mattress tracking number.

When the mattress is shipped from Endy and is scheduled to be shipped, a new update will be emailed to you. Delivery is Monday through Friday from 09:00 to 19:00. If the delivery fails, the courier will try again the next day. Your endy mattress will be delivered directly to your door.

Remove the old mattress: Andy doesn’t have to throw out the old mattress. His shipping partners offer fast shipping to every state in Canada, but they don’t have the option to store used items when a new mattress arrives. If he needs help arranging for the disposal of his old mattress, please email Endy’s Customer Service ([email protected]). Depending on the location, staff may pick up the mattress on site.

Payments, financing: Andy accepts most Visa credit and debit cards. Alternatively, a customer can apply for a 0% interest loan with PayBright and payment will be deferred for 30 days. Customers can then choose to pay in six equal installments over a six-month period (although promotional offers cannot be combined with PayBright financing).

Returns and Refunds: If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your Endy mattress, please contact Endy Customer Service https://ca.endy.com/pages/contact for quick details. Ask some questions. About my experience. Endy’s team members will explain the mattress return process, arrange hassle-free delivery and, if possible, donate the returned mattress to a local charity at no additional cost. Andy works with local charities across Canada to collect and distribute used mattresses, as well as registered charities and nonprofits to help families in need.

When the mattress is returned, Andy will refund the full amount to the credit card used for the original purchase. At initial contact, please have the mattress lot number (located on the back of the material label) available to expedite the process. If you accidentally order the wrong size mattress, the 100-night trial offers a one-time free size change. However, a resizing request will void the review and no further exchanges or returns will be possible.

Sleep Test Duration: Endy mattresses are tested for 100 nights of sleep, allowing you to test your mattress at home for a minimum of 3 months. All Endy customers will receive a 100-night trial on their first Andy.com purchase. Only the first order with a maximum of 4 Andy mattresses is accepted. To start your 100-night trial, purchase any size endy mattress at Andy.com. This test is not transferable. Endy mattresses purchased through third-party channels such as Amazon.ca are not eligible for a 100-night trial.

Warranty: Your Endy mattress comes with a 10-year limited warranty. This warranty covers damage to the mattress if it sags more than 1 inch, not due to improper foundation. In addition, the mattress is defective and, despite proper handling and use, the foam may tear or crack, manufacturing defects, or the mattress cover with the zipper may be defective. If the mattress has a manufacturing defect covered by the warranty within the last 10 years, Andy will provide a one-time replacement. Or repair the original mattress at no additional cost. If this warranty claim occurs during a 100-night sleep trial, the trial will be suspended until a new mattress arrives, at which time the sleep trial will resume.

Packing and unpacking: Endy mattresses are delivered vacuum packed and in a cardboard box for easy transport. Always unpack the mattress in the room where you plan to use it. Open the box, remove the mattress, pull the plastic tab to remove the mattress seal, and lay it out on the bed frame or box spring. Next, cut off the remaining plastic wrap, being careful not to damage the outer mattress cover. After removing the plastic wrap, stand up and watch the Endy mattress return to its original shape.

Odor (exhaust fumes), harmful chemicals. Foam mattresses often have a “fizzy” smell when unpacked, but it goes away once the room is empty. Outgassing occurs when a chemical called VOCs (a byproduct of foam production) is released into the atmosphere when a mattress is unpacked. Andy works hard to ensure that our clients are safe for the environment and people. All foams used in this mattress are Certi PUR-US® certified (no formaldehyde, phthalates or flame retardants). Andy is also GREEN GUARD Gold certified. This means low levels of chemical emissions and harmful pollutants after third party testing. If the smell of exhaust gases is very noticeable, it is advisable to empty it 24 hours before sleeping on the mattress.

Where are the mattresses made? Endy is Canada’s leading bedding retailer and its flagship mattress, The Andy, is manufactured and sold exclusively in Canada and is one of Canada’s best-selling online mattresses. The company specializes in cheap mattresses and sleeping pills.

Endy size and price

Endy mattresses are competitively priced and focused on selling only in Canada, which can provide great value to local buyers. Our dream team evaluated the material of that component. All of these are responsibly sourced in Canada and have low carbon dioxide emissions.

It also ranks pricing and compares it to sleep tests. With all this in mind, our team believes that Endy mattresses are well worth the money, as Endy is a consistent bestseller in Canada.

Endy mattress performance

An entertaining mattress, Endy is valued by Canadian consumers as an affordable mattress with excellent pressure relief, body compliance, temperature neutrality and breathability. In addition to the wide variety of bedding types, its high-movement insulation makes it an ideal and cost-effective choice for couples. Despite the average hardness rating, buyers generally may find the mattress a little softer than expected, and this depends on its size / weight / height ratio.

As a brand, Andy loves giving back and is highly regarded by consumers. Purchasing this 100% Canadian product supports local producers, boosts the economy, and supports charities and non-governmental organizations that benefit from Endy’s corporate social responsibility scheme. You can sleep better if you know that the mattress you purchased had a positive spillover effect.

Construction layers and materials used

Endy mattresses are made from the highest quality materials from Canada’s leading foam and textile manufacturers. The brand claims Andy is Canada’s safest mattress. This means that it is the first and only Canadian mattress to be GREENGUARD Gold certified and meets the strictest global standards for low emissions of organic compounds and volatiles. (VOC), formaldehyde and phthalates.

Endy mattresses are also award-winning and award-winning in commercial and consumer competition. In 2016, Andy was nominated for the Techweek Top 100 Innovator Award and was recently named the 2020 Canadian Product of the Year for Best Mattress ina Box.


This award-winning, best-selling 10-inch 3-layer foam mattress is soft, luxurious, comfortable, affordable and versatile. The top layer of its gel-impregnated foam looks like memory foam, but it is more flexible and adapts to different types. After years of development and production, today’s specially formulated foams use a variety of blends and densities to achieve collective cooling, comfort, contouring and pressure relaxation. EndyZip Cover is a blend of micropadded polyester and stretch fabrics that promotes air. It circulates, regulates excellent surface temperature and is completely machine washable.

Endy’s top comfort layer consists of foam impregnated with 2 inch (3 PCF) open cell gel. This top layer is extremely soft and breathable, reacting slowly and absorbing heat while acclimatizing to the body. Inch High Density (1.8 PCF) acts as a transition layer The fast recovery speed allows you to reposition the sleeper without feeling trapped inside the mattress. The base layer consists of a 5-inch HD foam core (1.8 PCF) that stabilizes the mattress core and provides bed compression and support. alignment.

Endy mattress hardness

The hardness of the mattress depends on the shape, size and weight of the bed. In fact, a small sleeper that shares a bed with a heavy partner makes the mattress stiffer just because the mattress is in a higher position and can relieve more pressure without sinking further. The 3-layer Endy mattress is sold with a hardness option (medium hardness).

The mattress reacts with great flexibility and has a balanced mixed foam feel. The upper comfort layer foam is weight-matched, so you won’t experience a sleeping car

dream book on the back

For back sleepers, a moderately firm to firm mattress is required to be fully supported and comfortable, but with enough sagging to relieve pressure from the shoulders, hips, and thighs. When you sleep in the Endy, the gel-filled foam comfort layer fills the space around your lower back and significantly relieves pressure from your lower back. Since Andy is classified as a true medium, this means small to medium sleepers can enjoy its comfort, relief and support. Feedback from our sleep testers was that heavier sleepers (220+ pounds) may need thicker, firmer mattresses, or perhaps foam/coil hybrids.

side bed

The Endy Gel-infused comfort layer is made from super-soft, springy, and pressure-relieving open-cell foam, making it ideal for small to medium side sleepers. Endy is not recommended for heavy side rails (220lbs and up). This is because the bottom sags and sags from the top comfort layer to the denser, stiffer transition foam below, which can be uncomfortable.

stomach sleep

A strict stomach sleeper needs a firmer mattress than Andy.

combined hostel

Andy is perfect for small to medium mixed dishes. Gel injection foam top layer, contour, slow response speed. Underneath is a stronger, more responsive transition layer that eliminates the feeling of the sleeper getting stuck in the mattress and allows for easy movement and repositioning.

strong sleepers

All foam mattresses can have a difficult time managing and distributing weight. On its website, the retailers claim that the Andy offers optimum comfort for 250-pound sleepers and has a total load capacity of 500 pounds. Our sleep tester disagreed. We do not recommend Endy for cymbals over 220lbs. Heavier sleepers are suitable for roll/foam hybrids with stronger, more reliable support cores.

little sleeping

The comfort layer, infused with Endy Gel, is soft, stretchy, pressure-relieving and shock-absorbing, while an open-cell construction slows down reaction. Perfect for little ones who sleep on their sides, backs or together.

extreme support

Not all mattresses score high in all categories of sleep tests. Endy is made of easily compressible foam, so overall the mattress lacks solid edge support. Consumers looking for a mattress with firm edge support may find that a hybrid foam/coil or innerspring mattress works much better and is supportive even when sitting on the edge of the bed. Our sleep testers felt that the edges of the Endy foam were compressed too much, making the edges around the mattress less stable, so users may experience a rocking sensation.

final temperature control

Andy mattresses are designed with temperature control to help the machine sleep cooler. The plush open cell gel injected into the top comfort layer dissipates heat and feels like memory foam, but this foam is much more breathable.

Andy claims that these foams reduce body temperature faster than traditional foams. Plus, the zippered outer mattress cover is made of soft, breathable polyester mesh that keeps you cool. Andy commissioned an independent breathability test of the superior foam against leading competitors in Canada. According to independent studies, Endy Open Air Cell Foam is 20 times more breathable than its closest competitor.

Andy claims that these foams reduce body temperature faster than traditional foams. Plus, the zippered outer mattress cover is made of soft, breathable polyester mesh that keeps you cool.

It is well known that foam mattresses do not retain heat well. However, the sleeper doesn’t get that deep hug from the memory foam because Andy’s comfort layer tends to hug the body. This also means that body heat is less likely to be trapped in this layer. However, foam mattresses always retain some of the sleepers body temperature, so they may be suitable for breathable and hybrid latex/spiral materials, especially if you sleep hot or sweaty.

Separation of motion and noise.

All foam mattresses offer excellent motion isolation and are popular with couples. Foam mattresses provide excellent cushioning and motion absorption, preventing any disturbance on one side of the mattress from being transmitted. This is very important when sleeping with a restless partner. As our dream team expected, Endy performed well in our motion transfer tests. Therefore, we can confidently recommend this mattress as suitable for couples. Another advantage of this all-foam model in noise testing is that it is completely silent under load.

Is Andy suitable for couples and sex?

Ideal for couples and sex, mattresses need to be flexible, responsive and easy for users to reposition. You also need to have a strong level of support at the edges so that the couple feels supported by the entire sleeping surface and can use the entire bed space with confidence. Endy mattresses are responsive, but do not have the level of bounce associated with hybrid or indoor spring mattresses. Also, the foam layer is very easily compressed at the edges, so the sleeper can get a good level of support at the edges, but it can feel slippery near the edges. Steam mattresses may not be flexible enough for sexual intercourse.

Strength and durability

The average lifespan of foam mattresses ranges from 7 to 10 years. Andy was just launched in 2015, so it’s too early to fully understand its ease of use and durability. These composites are of the highest quality when evaluating foams developed and designed for the manufacture of mattresses. However, foam mattresses tend to wear faster than hybrid and inner spring models.

Endy’s soft and luxurious 3PCF comfort foam top layer is expected to show signs of initial wear, so it is recommended to rotate the mattress every 6 months to compensate for the potential for superior sagging. increase. In addition, mattresses come with a 10-year limited warranty, so consumers need to confirm the manufacturer’s commitment to life.

Bed base

Since Endy is a full foam mattress, it should be used with a base that provides uniform and balanced support and a base that provides ventilation to keep the mattress and bed cool. Always make sure the mattress matches the compatible bed frame. Failure to match can damage the mattress and, more worrisomely, void the warranty. Sellers recommend pairing the Endy mattress with traditional spring-based or slats that are flat (and within 3 inches apart). Andy cannot be placed directly on the floor.

Complaints about Andy mattresses

Endy mattress customer reviews are incredibly positive. Many clients boast about how their overall sleep quality has improved and find that their pain has been reduced. When you visit Andy’s website, you’ll see over 15,300 customer reviews, almost all of which are positive, with retailers averaging 4.8 out of five stars. However, our research team identifies negative reviews, complaints and concerns from customers in order to better understand the problems and concerns they have when using Endy mattresses or sellers. To help you, we also reviewed an independent review site.

• A customer complains that support has been lost after the Endy mattress has been used for 4 years. After her first purchase, she was very pleased with the mattress and, following the manufacturer’s instructions, turned it over regularly to extend her life. But he felt he was too soft and he was no longer supportive. She was disappointed because she expected a much longer lifespan.

• There were some disappointing customer complaints that the mattress was much softer than expected because it is a mid-sized mattress. However, it is difficult to evaluate and subjectively evaluate this based on the customer’s weight-size ratio, as some customers said the same page was too difficult.

Our Final Verdict: Do We Recommend Andy Mattress Brands?

If you are a Canadian buyer looking for an affordable mattress with good elasticity, comfort and pressure relaxation, we definitely recommend Andy. After all, millions of Canadians can’t be wrong..


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