E-Cig Pipe

These days, e-cigs are becoming quite common, especially among young adults. Studies show that e-cigs are safer than regular cigarettes. You can also control the amount of nicotine you consume daily.

Buying your first e-cig can be challenging. There are plenty of e-cig brands on the market, which can make it difficult to choose the right one for yourself. In this guide are tips to consider when buying an e-cig pipe. 

Your Budget

Set an amount you want to spend on your e-cigarette pipe. E-cig prices vary depending on the design and size. Pipes with customized designs are costlier. We recommend getting a disposable e-pipe if you are buying your first pen or pipe. 

Disposable e-pipes are cheaper than refillable ones. However, with disposable pipes, you will have to buy a new one after a few weeks. Refillable pipes are costlier, but cheaper in the long term since all you need to do is refill the tank.

We recommend getting the ePuffer e-cig pipe if you are looking for a high-quality pipe at a good price. 


Battery power is a significant factor to consider when buying an e-pipe. E-pipes can have either rechargeable or replaceable batteries. Replaceable batteries are expensive as you will have to buy a new pair after a few months.

Rechargeable vape pens or e-pipes are the best. Look at the battery capacity when buying your e-pipe. Go for e-pipes that have a battery with a high capacity. Higher battery capacity means that the pipe will last a long time. 

However, battery life will also depend on your habits. The battery will not last long if you vape for long periods.

Research the Brand

Good quality e-cig pipes are costlier, but you are assured of a more durable product. In addition, the pipe is built per industry standards to ensure it is 100% safe. Read reviews on what people say about the brand before buying the e-cig.

You can also find more information on vaping forums. Remember, an expensive brand doesn’t guarantee quality. Play within your budget to find the best e-cig pipe for your money.

Disposable vs. Refillable E-Cigarette Pipes

For newbies, you don’t have to overthink this so much. Go for a disposable e-pipe so that you can learn how to vape. Disposables are easier to maintain, which will help you learn how to vape well. You will also get a chance to sample different e-juice flavors. 

Refillable e-pipes use tanks instead of cartridges. Tanks are refillable, so all you need to do is buy new bottles of e-juices. However, maintenance is challenging as you need to clean the tank first before refilling it. 

Disposables use cartridges that you dispose of once the e-juice is finished. 

Wrapping Up

One top reason why people love e-pipes is because of their size. You want something that can fit in your pocket or purse. Big e-pipes aren’t portable, which means you cannot carry them with you. 

Don’t overspend on your first e-cig pipe. The idea should be learning how to vape well before you upgrade to a more sophisticated device. Disposable pens are cheaper and easier to maintain. In addition, as mentioned before, you get the chance to sample different vape flavors.


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