Daniel Radcliffe has revealed that he was noticed by the way girlfriend Erin Darke’s parents reacted to his performance in the upcoming Weird Al biopic Weird: The Al Yankovic Story.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Radcliffe was determined if actress Dark was a fan of Weird Al, to which he responded, “Actually, after [director] Erica [Appel] and Ela [Yankovic], the people I worry about the most about her reaction, probably my in-laws, Erin’s father and brother, because they are big fans. Correctly. Erin saw the movie, but I’ll be interested in what Ian thinks. I really hope you enjoy it.”

The film is based on the 2010 short film Funny or Die, directed by Eric Apel. Daniel Radcliffe will play the protagonist Weird Al Yankovic, who was the parody king. Alongside Harry Potter alum Evan Rachel Wood, 35, she will play the sociopathic Madonna. Additionally, the cast will feature Rainn Wilson as Dr. Demento, Kinta Brunson as Oprah Winfrey, James Preston Rogers as Hulk Hogan, Conan O’Brien as Andy Warhol, and Jack Black as Jack the Wolfman, ScreenRant reports. .

“Each character in this case starts out as something you get to know and then you find out how they turn into something actual crime,” Radcliffe told EW, but that doesn’t mean more is more when it comes down to it. before his game. “The absurdity of the situation comes from where comedy comes from, and really, the more down to earth you can play a lot, not all of it, because a lot of it is crazy, but the more down to earth you can do it, the better.”

Roku’s original feature film is based solely on Yankovic’s career and rather than creating moments from the musician’s life for a comedic outcome, including his run-ins with said celebrities.


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