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Christ Follower Life T-shirt Collection

Christ Follower Life T-shirt Collection
Christ Follower Life T-shirt Collection

The Clothing represents the person. . . . It is always a symbol of who you are,” It reveals his situation, his role in life, his social position.” That is why it is not surprising that for most people clothes are very important and that for some young people it is a true obsession with best-selling Christian t shirts by Christ Follower Life

The concern that a large percentage of young people feel for clothes goes beyond a simple interest in being fashionable. Many are obsessed with brands. Just about every item they buy—from sneakers to eyeglasses⁠—has to carry that all-important logo. For example, a survey conducted by Seventeen magazine revealed that 90% of adolescent girls consider it important that the sportswear they buy is branded.

This should come as no surprise considering the tremendous boost the media has given to branded clothing in recent years. Through advertisements on television, magazines, newspapers, billboards, and movies, consumers have literally been bombarded with brands. The goal of this propaganda is to brainwash the public into believing that a logo almost magically transforms a garment…and the person who wears it. Unbranded jeans are just plain pants. If they are branded, they suddenly become the key to popularity, to a life full of emotions and even love affairs!

The biblical point of view

How can you learn to think for yourself? Familiarize yourself with the principles of God’s Word. When your mindset is biblically oriented, you will be much less likely to be controlled or manipulated by other people. (Proverbs 1:⁠4) It is true that the Bible is not a specialized manual on fashions. But it contains principles that can help you decide what to wear. Take, for example, the words of 1 Timothy 2:⁠9, where the apostle Paul counsels Christians to “adorn themselves in well-arranged dress, with modesty and good judgment, not with . . . costly clothing.”

Paul obviously wasn’t saying that you have to dress like a pauper or that you have to wear clothes so old-fashioned that they make you feel uncomfortable. It appears that Jesus Christ himself owned at least one garment of good quality. (John 19:23, 24) Rather, Paul’s advice to Christians was that his manner of dress should not draw undue attention to themselves. Buying a garment because it is of quality, it is beautiful or it is practical makes sense. But wearing a garment label for the sole purpose of ‘showing off’ or ‘promoting competitions’ is a manifestation of egotism. (1 John 2:16; Galatians 5:26) You may impress a few fickle people, but you may also arouse envy, jealousy, and resentment in others.

To begin with, it is clear that not all young people have the financial means to buy brand-name clothing. If you find yourself in this situation, you may have no choice but to learn to ‘be content with sustenance and coverings’, even if those clothes are not the best or the latest fashion. (1 Timothy 6:⁠8) Instead of falling prey to envy, which is destructive, try to make the most of your situation. (Titus 3:⁠3) Your garments may not carry a select label, but they may be neat, clean, and presentable.

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