As The 75th Cannes Film Festival has come to a close, and celebrities have brought their outfits to the Rosette, showcasing many eye-catching fashion moments. Scroll through the highlights gallery above for must-see looks this week and learn about the wide range of red carpet trends.

Cannes Film Festival: Fashion that defines the age of 75

Hot off the track

The fashion choices on the red carpet this year were well known for their runway collection. Several attendees chose fresh clothes for the Fall/Winter 2022 show. Loewe, whose fantastic show was quickly hailed as a master class in originality, was a Cannes favorite. So Joe Park wore a printed knitted dress and a playfully cropped bra from the new collection. French model Jeanne Ladies stands hand-in-hand with Jake Glen haul in a fascia pink gown with a full-lipped bodice.

Elsewhere in the festival, German model Kalona Dual wore a pink Valentino mini dress and matching platform shoes from the brand’s March show. Iris Lowe also garnered attention with the Dior Fall 2022 collection of gothic corsets and midi skirts.

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For all the novelty it offered, there were some noteworthy examples of vintage fashion at its best. Bella Hades wore a black 1987 Gianni Versace strapless red carpet dress with a draped taffeta band and found a Versace fall-winter 2003 corset dress on the balcony of a Cannes hotel. Canadian model Coco Rocha also chose the archival part of the red carpet. Christian Dior’s 2012 tulle gown featured John Galliano in black and white.

Corresponds to the label

Whether a longtime brand ambassador or a fashion muse, the festival has earned a lot of brand loyalty. For example, Chanel front woman Kristen Stewart can always turn the brand’s Parisian personality into a bolder one. During an afternoon photo shoot for the premiere of David Rosenberg’s Future Crimes, Stewart opted for a classic tweed suit, unbuttoned her top and accessorized it with vintage ’70s yellow and black aviator sunglasses. showing my skin On the red carpet, she paired the femininity of a cream silk skirt with an embroidered, high-collar, long-sleeved crop top that looked like a gem.

Similarly, Isabelle Rupert, who has appeared in two of the brand’s campaigns since 2021, has captured the attention of two Valencia’s. The first is an unforgettable second-skin emerald green dress that includes gloves and boots. Shown here are fashion house tips for creating pop culture moments that feel edgy. However, at first glance, Hooper showed a different side of the label than the 50th hate couture collection. A classic black dress with a fitted, flared silhouette reminiscent of what Grace Kelly wore, contrasted with a futuristic green ensemble.


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