Is it legal to put my own label on wholesale clothing? For sure, I mean why not! If you are wondering is it possible to brand wholesale clothing with your own label? The answer is straightforward, yes! However, there are a few legal parameters you must follow for the hassle-free selling of your clothing items.

Now let’s review the limitations of labeling your own custom label on wholesale clothing. Here are some of the important factors that need to be considered before putting a label on wholesale clothing. Let’s dive right into it:

If you need custom clothing labels for your brand, go for labels that best suit your brand. A high-quality label makes your product stand out and grow your business effectively. If you want a professional look to your labels, hang tags, and more reach out to professional help.

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Factors to Consider Before Putting a Label on a Wholesale Clothing?

If you are intended to put your own labels or custom patches on wholesale clothing you must know the key limitations. These are the five legal parameters you must abide by. The list is given below:

  1. Warranty issues
  2. Trademark issues
  3. Sale tax issues
  4. Accounting and legal issues
  5. Warranty issues: The first parameter in branding products on wholesale clothing is the warranty. This is a major concern if you are intended to put a label of your brand name on the custom product. It is illegal to promote a product without even giving credits to the manufacturers. If you solely unofficially be the person who is branding and selling a product under his name and without involving manufacturer details you will probably face warranty issues later someday. The trouble will be validating the first insurance issued to the first customer. However, the percentage of consumers who had already purchased the products or to whom the products are sold out does not get that effect.
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  1. Trademark issues: The second legal barrier you must be aware of is trademark issues. A trademark is anything, it could be a sign, symbol, text, name, design, or a combination of all these that distinguish your product in the marketplace. A trademark is the legal representation of your brand and this is how your consumer recognizes what you sell. So for a fact, you must not sell goods that have an original label on them without the permission of the owner. For example: if you buy a product from a manufacturer and then you sell it to a consumer with the original woven labels on it you will mostly like to impose risk on you. However, in other news, it is also agreed that if the threshold of your sale is high and the manufacturer has no consent with it you can go with what you like!
  2. Sale Tax issues: Sales tax is the major drawback in the reselling of a manufacturer’s product. Sales tax issues are the third legal limitation for those who resell the manufacturer’s product without the permission of the manufacturer. In this case, a double stage of sales tax happens through the buying and then re-selling. It starts when you buy a product from the original manufacturer and then a consumer purchases it from you. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain a reseller’s permit.
  3. Accounting and Legal issues: Accounting and legal regulations must be followed whatever you are up to! This is the last parameter that is mandatory to follow otherwise, you will be penalized or a specific interest will be inflicted upon your sales. So if you want to change a brand label with your own these are the regulations that need to be followed. So accounting and legal rules are imposed on those who change the brand label. It will protect and secure you and avoid messing up all!


A flawless business is not icing on the cake! There are certain parameters that are must-to-follow and also some rules that should not be broken. Similarly, if you want to put a label or custom patches on wholesale clothing you need to follow up on the guideline and everything will look legally assembled.


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