Astral record player is connection forces with VENTS for the premiere of their new single “Beautiful Catastrophe” off their new album Poems, Thoughts, and picked up Mumblings. The track that melds deep information of the quantum structure of music itself with humble reverence for the Rock&Roll canon to craft a sound that’s at noticeably of the instant nevertheless rings with an existence that’s charming.
About the track, the band comments “Life is one lovely catastrophe. Our most fastidiously set plans usually billow in smoke whereas our greatest accomplishments might nevertheless be a quick stroke of luck. This song is concerning flipping the script – concerning swimming with the present. The thought swam around within the ether for an extended time before being realized by a tremendous cluster of musicians. just like the song itself manifest in the world, this is often a story concerning how our journey takes the United States of America into sudden realms a lot of the time with wonderful consequences.

My hope is to pay attention to the current song and cue myself that wherever ever we tend to ar, where we tend to ar headed through this chaos, it’s reaching to be lovely.”
Poems, Thoughts, and picked up Mumblings was recorded at London Bridge Studios in point of entry with producers dessert apple Plum (Candlebox), Eric Lliavois (Surfer Blood), and Geoff Ott (Tobias the Owl). additionally to Heron on guitar and keys, the record options percussionist mount Smith and instrumentalist Andy Stoller of the long-lasting Heart, and Kathy Moore (Brandi Carlisle) on a stringed instrument.


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