Norwegian alternative pop prodigy ARY has released the stunning image for her single “My Awe Sustains” from her recently released debut album For Evig. Adding to ARY’s over 50 million streams and huge acclaim from tastemakers, “My Awe Sustains” marks the crushing moment a child realizes his parents are only human and explores the growth that occurs then, putting aside any lingering resentment of his inability to measure up to the unattainable. standards and admiring his strength with rediscovered childish wonder. CLICK HERE to view the multi-disciplinary visual which was directed by photographer Pernille Sandberg, features animation by award-winning digital artist Herwig Scherabon, and by uniting elements of industrial utopia with horror, questions the nature of belonging to build a bridge between cultural past and our understanding of the future.

“I’ve always loved the concept of a ‘music video,'” shares ARY. “The idea of ​​making the images fit the sound is intriguing. Working with Pernille and Herwig to create this dark magical universe was such a rewarding experience and I can’t wait to share it with the world.”

Returning to her DIY roots, her own production debut For Evig (“forever” in Norwegian) shares ARY’s emotional journey toward healing and works through her grief following the death of her twin brother. Expressing the inexpressible to give listeners the perspective of being able to process their own complicated emotions in their own lives, For Evig goes beyond pain by guiding people straight through it. Raw and honest with moments of defiant happiness, For Evig highlights ARY’s growth as an artist while exploring the many different faces of loss. The album captures the heartbreaking reality of the human experience and what it means to love through previous singles “Angels,” which uses a guitar sample from her brother and was the only song she heard before his untimely death, and “Hurt You (with Emilie Nicolas).”

For an album meant to capture the harrowing reality of death by recreating, not just describing, every brutal feeling, For Evig is surprisingly light-hearted. ARY floods the listener with a vortex of shimmering synth screeches and pulsing drum machine clicks falling like confetti on a dance floor, juxtaposing explosive emotional content with upbeat track fills, rewarding those who intently experience the 10-track LP. .


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