The Amsterdam-based streetwear band celebrated its one year anniversary this year, but that’s not the only highlight for Global Warning.

We put our five favorite moments in order!


In June of this year, Global Warning partnered up with NYC based artist A$AP TyY to release an exclusive capsule collection titled A$AP Lifestyle. The capsule was accompanied by a pop up shop in Paris, followed by a global online release. Parts of the collaborations proceeds were donated to the ASAP Foundation. About the release, A$AP TyY himself said: “Creating the ‘A$AP Lifestyle’ collection is something I had wanted to do for a long time. I partnered up with Global Warning and my brother Yam’s foundation ‘A$AP Foundation’ to bring this collection to life.”

02 – Life of the party!

During the January Men’s fashion week, Global Warning partnered up with U.K. based collective Bone Soda to organize an exclusive party. Yeat, Zack Bia, Evan Mock and Bloody Osiris where amongst many others in attendance at the ‘Serpent a Plume’ bar in the center of Paris.

03 – Home match!

On October 20th, Global Warning held its first pop-up in their hometown, Amsterdam. The pop-up was in collaboration with Belgium based collective 32WORLDWIDE and saw the release of two new items. Held at Oallery, a luxury menswear store in Amsterdam, during the ADE festival with free drinks by Havana Club, the pop-up was a recipe for success!

04 – Parties on parties…

After a successful event in January, Global Warning partnered up with Facade by Design and Scuderia to deliver another epic Paris Fashion Week night. This time at the Pamela Club, the night saw DJ gigs by Hank Korsan and appearances from none other than G-Eazy, A$AP Nast, Luka Sabbat and A$AP TyY. So next time you see a flyer for a Global Warning party pop up on your social media feed, you better go!

05 – Really Global!

A part of the brands quick rise to success, has to be the love they’ve been getting globally from musicians, youtubers, actors and models everywhere. Whether it’s Dutch superstar Bizzey rocking the brand in his music videos or American rapper MattOX wearing Global Warning as his stage attire, the gear seems to just pop up everywhere. We guess that’s why the brand is called Global Warning…


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