A lot happened at VOGUE World: New York! From Lil Nas X’s unforgettable getup to the catwalk turns from Emily Ratajkowski, Hari Nef, and more. And let’s not forget the fall 2022 fashion trends. The event served as both a celebration of Vogue’s 130 anniversary—a look back at our magazine’s luminous history—and present-day fashion. Both directions proved equally stylish.

The runway itself, which unfolded in the cobblestone streets of Manhattan’s Meatpacking District and was chock-full of pieces from our favorite labels like Gucci, Khaite, Adidas, and Balenciaga, can be distilled into five trends. Styled by Alex Harrington, the fashion show gave us a cheat sheet for the fall 2022 fashion trends. Starting at the top: there’s the modern boho trend, which fuses craftsmanship and a free-spirited attitude. There’s also sport couture (a look that’s best summed up by the term athluxury) and a retro-inspired way of dressing that is heady with nostalgia. Next, there’s timeless tailoring—crisp classics you’re sure to love no matter what the sartorial mood is. And lastly, there’s the metallics trend, which encourages you to shine bright this season no matter what you have on the agenda.

Most are familiar with the heavy hitters of bohemian fashion—think frizzling fringes, floral prints, patchwork, crochettie-dyes, and more—but on the runway this fall, the trend took on a neo-bohemian twist with an emphasis on glamour and elegance. There were still elements of classic craft-core throughout, including homespun fabrics and patterns of paisley, which felt reminiscent of the flower children of yore. But a neo-bohemian fashion renaissance has commenced thanks to a crop of designers who have made the style their signature like Etro, Chloé, Ulla Johnson, Sea, Zimmermann, and more. 

There’s much to like about the neo-bohemian approach, but first and foremost, it’s birthed from the desire and intent to empower sustainable design practices and artisans from around the globe. From sleek suedes and knit maxi dresses to Western cowboy boots and dressed-up denim, this crafty, earthy, and very much intentional trend is for the modern woman who celebrates her festive, bohemian spirit.


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