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33 Best Amazon Prime Day Fashion Deals October 2022

33 Best Amazon Prime Day Fashion Deals October 2022
33 Best Amazon Prime Day Fashion Deals October 2022

I search the seemingly never-ending product pages of Amazon Prime Day Fashion Deals like it’s my job (because it is), which means I know what to immediately add to my cart and what to skip. No impulse buys here. Instead, just like their beauty selection, Prime Day really likes to focus all of its deals on specific products and brands.

Below, I’ve rounded up what you should consider if you’re looking to shop smartly and save up a few bucks before gifting season starts full swing.


Levi’s are consistently the brand that I look forward to purchasing during Prime Day. This time around I’m stocking up on my go-to oversize but not ill-fitting pair.

However, now that Shopbop picks are available on the platform (the luxe retailer is having a sale of their own, by the way), brands like Frame and Pistola Denim also offer serious discounts on their denim.


You can never have enough socks, white tees, or casual button-downs. When it comes to basics, I like to buy inexpensive options. I don’t believe in paying more than $30 for socks that my boots are going to stain, white tees that will gradually get yellow pit stains, or button-downs that will be covered by sweaters.


While scouring through the maze that is Amazon, I’ve found skirt deals I shouldn’t gatekeep.

If you’re like me and you’ve been searching for the perfect midi or maxi skirt you can layer well into winter, here are a few solid options:


Look, if you’re not blessed with a washer and dryer in-unit (or in your building), I understand putting off doing your laundry during the colder months. Just make sure you have enough undergarments so you don’t have to wear your bathing suits mid-December (or at least invest in one of those foldable and portable washing machines.)


As somebody who dropped way too much money on her latest pairs of glasses, I (and my bank account) appreciate a good discount when it comes to sunnies.

The shape of these Le Specs reminds me of my Versace glass frames, while the Oakley frames remind me of my dad and the Ray Ban’s of V from BTS (duh).


You’re still on time to stock up on your fall boots. From classic black boots to rain boots, most options are up to 30 percent off.



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